How strong memories make us stronger people

It is said that a drowning person sees their whole life flash before them in a matter of a few seconds. This would seem to have some basis in fact as it is believed by neuroscientists that this happens as part of our basic survival instinct. It is the brain desperately accessing all of its data-base for anything and everything which might help us continue living. In those (potentially) last few seconds the human mind is remembering.

Memory, then, is important not only in the retrospective sense but also in the prospective sense.

whatever we have done in the past, the emotions we have experienced, the mistakes we have made and the successes we have realised, all congregate together in our head to help us in our present and drive us forward into our future. Memories help us develop the faculties of thinking, imagination, creativity and reason.

If we teach good lessons and our students remember good things then we are all helping to contribute to a much better and brighter future which we can all share and enjoy together.

Our dojo, and what is taught in them, should always provide people with strong, happy and positive memories they can call upon throughout the course of their lives. Memories that will sustain and support them whenever life becomes a little more difficult than usual and help them find strength whenever they need it and to smile even when they are sad.

Our memories are literally a treasure chest filled with not only post cards from the past, but useful tools for the future.