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Instructors and Officers

This is a brand new page that will provide interested parties with some relevant information regarding some of our associations Officers and Instructors. It is a work in progress, and will be added to as time goes on.


Prof. Peter Houghton Shihan FIMAS

Pete runs the dojo in Billinge and is well versed in he Chinese martial arts as well as all aspects of the yamabushi syllabus. He is a former teacher and lecturer and is an IMAS registered instructor as well as being a fellow of that institute.


Daniel Mackenzie renshi MIMAS

Dojo Cho of Dojo Shugenja Greater Manchester.


Grahame Parrot renshi MIMAS


Grahame is the Senior Grading Examinations Officer for the Yamabushi Ryu, which manages to keep him rather busy.He has been a personal student of Jaimie for the past fifteen years, and is an extremely dedicated practitioner. Due to his position, Grahame tends to know a lot more about what is in our syllabus than most of the rest of us!

Tom Wells Renshi MIMAS


Daniel Mackenzie Tasshi MIMAS

Dan is the events manager for the association which means organisaing people, venues and resources for various events like grading assessments and courses, etc. He has also undergone instructor training with the Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences and is a registered instructor with that organisation. Dan has recently begun teaching martial arts in some local schools