Instructors for Wales course

Here is the line up for the course in Wales so far. Please may I ask yamabushi ryu instructors and those from the SKBR/IMAS (Charles/Chye etc) to like and share this and to support it as much as possible? Also (for people not already shown on the line up) if you intend coming and wish to teach a session then let me know asap so we can plan accordingly. Thank you jaimie

Prof. Jaimie Lee-Barron 9th dan Hanshi PhD FIMAS
Kaicho of the Yamabushi Ryu/Shugenja Kokusai Bujutsu Renmei
President of the Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences
Author, researcher and lecturer.

Jaimie will be teaching unarmed combat and knife (Goshin Jutsu/Tanto Jutsu)

Prof. Jacob Sibley 6th dan Shihan BA PGCE FIMAS
Qualified Teacher. Registered IMAS Instructor. Chief Safeguarding Officer.

Jacob will be teaching Baton techniques (Tanjo Jutsu)

Prof. Peter Houghton 6th dan Shihan MSc FIMAS
Qualified Psychologist. Former teacher and college lecturer. IMAS registered instructor

Peter will be teaching certain aspects of the Chinese martial arts (kung fu)

Gareth Waite Renshi 5th dan MIMAS
Qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer. Special advisor in fitness training and grappling techniques for yamabushi ryu/shugenja kokusai bujutsu renmei

Gareth will be teaching Grappling techniques (ne waza)

David Yates Renshi 5th dan MIMAS
IMAS qualified and registered instructor. syllabus consultant for the yamabushu ryu/Shugenja Kokusai Bujutsu Renmei

Chye Lim Sensei Grad. IMAS MIMAS IMAS registered instructor and British Aikido Board qualified coach Aikido specialist Trained in Japan. Advisor to the yamabushi ryu/Shugenja Kokusai Bujutsu Renmei. Chye will be teaching some practical applications of Japanese Aikido

David will be teaching some of the practical applications of traditional Japanese jiu jutsu
JUN 11 Roninjitsu Day Of The Masters

Sun 10 AM · Llantrisant Leisure Centre · Llantrisant