Shugenja Academy

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The shugenja academy provides a unique opportunity for both fledging and seasoned martial arts instructors to grow.

Candidates who want to learn and teach the martial skills and philosophies of the mountain warrior are enrolled upon a special, intensive programme of study lasting one full year. During that time they will become well versed in certain aspects of both the armed and unarmed fighting disciplines of the yamabushi, as well as undergoing certain academic studies in scientific teaching and learning principles.

This course is based upon continual assessment whereby candidates are required to build up a strong portfolio of evidence supporting their studies, and will culminate with the successful participants being awarded a special shodan-ho (black belt) instructors certificate entitling them to practice and teach the warrior ways of the yamabushi. In addition, candidates will also receive a level 3 qualification in instructional techniques, accredited by the Qualifications Network UK (a government approved awarding body). Both of these qualifications are validated by the Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences, an official professional body which is duly listed in British Qualifications.

This course includes an emergency first aid course, an enhanced CRB check, a years membership of the IMAS, entry into the IMAS register of instructors, and all official certifications.


More mature, established instructors from other schools and systems would be APEL’d according to their past experience and qualifications, with the training and education they receive reflecting this fact. They will receive a special certificate entitling them to teach the Yamabushi system at their own grade.

Interested parties should contact Honbu for more information.

Yamabushi Ryu is an IMAS approved centre for accredited martial arts instructor training