The journey of the mountain warrior, from darkness into Light (The mental attitudes required of our inner journey)

Shoshin – Beginning. Having the courage to take that first faltering step upon the path with a pure heart full of enthusiasm. The symbolic leap of faith that is required of all true seekers after Light.

Zanshin – Awareness of of everything and everyone around us. A quiet confidence in ourselves and strong faith in our ability to react and interact with other people and our environment in an harmonious way.

Fudōshin – Allowing peace and love to spur us on in our climb, a feeling of strength and a grim determination that carries us onward and upward, enabling us to overcome any difficulties or obstacles placed in our path.

Senshin – A feeling of care, concern and compassion for the well-being of everyone and everything. An understanding of how literally all things are related upon very complex levels, and are all but a part of the whole.

Mushin – Becoming free of all conscious thought and reintegrating with the Limitless Light of Love eternal and unconditional.