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Welcome to the Yamabushi Ryu website

The way of the warrior Monk. Accelerated development through the traditional warrior arts and philosophies. Refining character and improving performance. Encouraging people to become all they can be!



Yamabushi Ryu is an International School of Warrior arts and philosophy.

Yamabushi Ryu was founded upon the traditional values of the warrior-monk in the 1980’s and the association now organises its own memberships, insurance and gradings and affiliates associated clubs through the Shugenja Kokusai Bugei Renmei

As stated above, Yamabushi Ryu is very firmly based upon the traditional values of the warrior monk.  It is a system of combat, philosophy and academic study that encompasses many different and fascinating facets.

This site is intended as an information resource for members of the Ryu. However if you are interested in martial arts of any kind you should find much of this site of value.  Yamabushi Ryu hold regular classes and always welcome new faces regardless of age or ability.  Please come along to one of our classes and find out more about what we do.

If you would like more information about the warrior path of the Yamabushi, then please contact us at

The Warrior Path of Yamabushi

The mountain warrior school should seek to emulate the traditional principals of warrior enlightenment.  Within the confines of the dojo, the student should find peace, harmony and love, the seeds of which should be planted in their heart and nurtured by their training.   As well as martial endeavours, the students should strive hard to perfect themselves inwardly through the understanding and concern for the well-being of others.