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Special Notice re Training!

Prof. Lee-Barron hanshi has been invited to teach by Gary Stringer meijin at his dojo in Derby. Saturday July 28 13.00 – 17.00 (1pm – 5pm). if you wish to attend this event you need to book now as places are strictly limited.
Contact admin now to avoid disappointment!

Urgent assitance required

I have put a post on Facebook regarding the need for some help concerning some matter. Please can I ask anyone from the local dojo able to offer assistance to contact me asap?

Many thanks


Course/Conference at the University of Derby April 21st

A combined course and conference will be held at the university of Derby on Saturday April 21st. This will cover both physical training and research lectures upon various martial arts and related fields. All of the senior faculty of IMAS UK will be present and there are already a lot of senior grades booked for teaching slots including 3 10th dans in Japanese martial arts. This event will take place at the main campus of of the university of Derby and the timings are 10 am to 4 pm.

Interested parties must contact admin asap as places for this event are strictly limited.

More information to follow shortly.

Become an affiliated instructor.

The yamabushi ryu is always happy to welcome like minded instructors into our dojo. However our school has a wide and varied syllabus, and training can be quite arduous and demanding so any instructor who wishes to become a part of our tradition will first need to be technically competent and physically fit. They would also be expected to commit to, and undergo, extensive specialist training in the various aspects of our syllabus.

Not all applications are accepted but, if yours is, then you will have the opportunity of training with us and proving both to yourself and to us that you are worthy to become a warrior of the sacred mountain!

If you think you have what it takes to become one of us and are truly sincere in your desire to learn more, then take the initiative and contact us now.

IMPORTANT! Urgent assistance required!

The Egyptian Traditional Karate Federation is in serious jeopardy of being shut down due to Government red-tape. We need to STOP this from happening and we need your help to do this. We need to raise awareness of this pressing issue and gather as much support as we can as fast as we possibly can. We need ideas/help/assistance/guidance on getting a petition going and writing to the ministers responsible to urge them to reconsider. This needs to be done NOW! Lets get the momentum going and help our brothers and sisters in Egypt before it is too late! Get a discussion going on here and we can move forward from there. Together we are stronger. We must stand together and show our support and solidarity concerning this matter!

New Black Belts!

It is with great pride and pleasure that I announce we now have three more black belt yamabushi!

Hearty congratulations to
Martin Scally
Darren Fjordor
Chris Perry
on achieving such an important life goal!

Important upcoming events!

Dates for your diary!

1. November 2017. Close Combat Course (restricted)
2. December 2017. End of year course (GMP Sports Club)
3. April 2018. Large course/conference at university of Derby
4.June 2018. Kodosai in Marsala Sicily (Italy)

All members are strongly encouraged to attend these events and show their support for our brother/sister martial artists!

Upcoming events

Looking forward to the Kodosai this coming October. We then have the end of year course coming up in December and plans are already underway for a very large combined course/conference for the Spring of 2018. This will be a very large gathering with senior grades (5th – 10th dan) in various martial arts in attendance. Keep this in mind because it is definitely one not to be missed!! There will also be a special course in military close combat for suitably qualified yamabushi/shugenja that will be taking place in September. Stay tuned for more details.

100 Days to Kodosai traditional martial arts course!!

Kodosai. Traditional japanese martial arts and culture. It is now 100 days until this event. There are over twenty master-teachers of the martial arts that will be instructing. (two full days 9 – 5!) It is the largest course of its kind and is always well attended. Yamabushi/Shugenja you need to book your place NOW! Please see below for more information.…/kodosai-cultural-event-2017-june

New links page added.

A links page has been added to our website. This will soon list links to organisations of direct interest to all yamabushi/shugenja