New UK Honbu Dojo opens!

The new honbu dojo has now opened in Bolton. Yamabush dojo Fenikkusu is situated at the historic Bolton Olympic Wrestling Club (over a century old!) and is a fully matted and fully equipped dojo which also comes with the use of a Gym and Sauna! There is a large canteen and various nearby parking facilities, all of which makes this a perfect venue for courses and master classes.

This is a traditional dojo belonging to a traditional school (yamabushi ryu) with traditional values. It has very firm and substantial links to Japan with the kaicho being a member of the Nippon Budo Gakkai (Japanese Academy of Budo, Tokyo Japan) and senior instructors being members of the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai  (the oldest martial arts organisation in Japan).

Our attitude towards our training reflects this: We make the effort, and we expect our students to make the effort. This dojo is also closely associated with the Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences, an international professional body for martial artists, dedicated to education and research. This body offers professional memberships, academic teaching qualifications and even access to advanced qualifications and entry to university degree studies. All students of the this dojo automatically become associate members of this prestigious body from belonging to the yamabushi ryu, and will be encouraged and supported in continuing with their personal education and development.

All of the above remains reliant upon the students remaining members of this dojo in good standing. That meaning:

-All membership must remain up to date and all training fees paid promptly.

-The students must train regularly and with good spirit.

-They must support the dojo further by attending any events that might be organised (courses, conferences, etc.)

-They must, at all times, strive to reflect the values of the yamabushi life way and never bring any shame upon the school or tarnish its good name in any way whatsoever.

Etiquette and good manners are extremely important in this dojo. The chain of command will always be acknowledged, and rank and title must always be observed.

There is a special way of behaving in the dojo, and this is important because it is part of our discipline and helps ensure everyones health and safety. It is also hoped that this disciplined behaviour and good conduct eventually becomes a part of the individuals daily life as a being a yamabushi is not just something a person does, it is something a person becomes.