Yamabushi Ryu was founded upon the traditional values of the warrior-monk in the 1980’s. The association now organises its own memberships, insurance and gradings and affiliates associated clubs through the Shugenja Kokusai Bugei Renmei

The senior guiding and decision making member of the Ryu is:

Prof. Jamie Lee Barron Hanshi, Kaicho, Tamabushi Ryu

Yamabushi Ryu builds from within, currently our clubs are increasing, new Dan grades are emerging gradually and new clubs are always being announced.  In addition, Shugenja Kokusai Bugei Renmei have access to gradings and courses run by the Ryu.

Bu – Jutsu : The Warrior Arts of the Yamabushi

The mountain warrior school should seek to emulate the traditional principals of warrior enlightenment.  Within the confines of the dojo, the student should find peace and harmony and love, the seeds of which should be planted in their heart and nurtured by their training.   As well as martial endeavours, the students should strive hard to perfect themselves inwardly by the understanding and concern for the well-being of others.

The Yamabushi Ryu: Not just another martial arts school, but a way of life”

Yamabushi Ryu or school of the mountain warrior.

This ryu has eighteen arts, and training includes certain aspects of philosophy, psychology and sociology, in order to better comprehend the problems of those around us as well as our own. By this training we equip ourselves with certain tools enabling us to help and improve the situation.   The true path of the warrior enlightenment teaches us the totality of being, the inescapable fact that all people and all things are related at very complex levels, connected by the benign love of the cosmic. Thus we know that the self is not a fixed entity and that the images we create are constantly being modified by both our expectations and experiences.

By practicing outside the dojo that which we learn within, each of us can add to the light of the world.