All traditional warrior schools have a code by which they live and they normally have a lot in common with each other. It is said that these represent the “Moral Fibre” from whence the “Character” of the warrior is cut. Having such codes enables us to grasp basic, important principles of our chosen path by reinforcing the common bond that exists between all brothers and sisters of our family; the warriors of the sacred mountain of enlightenment.

The following seven rules can appear at first glance to be quite superficial in nature but it is not simple. Further research should be encouraged in the student, so that they eventually become a living part of them. A special part carried safely within the sacred repository of their hearts.

Therefore, please read, study and inwardly digest the following, for it will be an invaluable guide by which you might more effectively negotiate your journey through life. Attempting to live by these principles, you will find yourself becoming the strictest, most uncompromising teacher that you will ever have. Because the voice of your conscience will speak to you constantly, causing you to regulate your thoughts, words and deeds and, almost certainly regret quite a few of them as well.
The Seven Points

1 – “Gi” – Decisiveness 
To choose a certain direction and determine to continue upon it, even when faced with adversity.

2 – “Yuu” – Courage 
To stand up for what we believe in, no matter what the cost.

3 – “Jin” – Compassion 
To spread love and kindness throughout our lives.

4 – “Rei” – Morality 
To conduct ourselves properly according to correct principles and ethics.

5 – “Makoto” – Truthfulness 
To have honesty and sincerity in our hearts.

6 – “Melyo” – Honour 
To be ready to die before compromising our faith, and to give our lives, if need be, in order to preserve the light of goodness.

7 – “Chuugi” – Loyalty 
To Goodness & light, oneself, and ones teacher.

But beware! There will be yet another voice, a voice that is just as loud and clear as the other. This is the voice that tempts us to do things which we know in our hearts to be wrong. This is the voice that urges us to search for some kind of justification for our actions by interpreting our beloved code in a “selfish”, rather than “selfless” way, causing us to slip from the path and so lose our direction. 

That is why we are given two ears; so we can listen to both sides of the story. But, only one heart. For your heart is a circle and has no sides and in so being, can see truth always.
Avoid hypocrisy, have the courage of your convictions and, above all, 
“To thine own self be true”.