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The Institute of Martial Arts & Sciences


(Professional membership qualifications/CPD/instructor training/academic teaching qualifications/university degree courses at under/post graduate level/research journal/conferences)



(Spiritual/philosophical training/quests for all faiths/no faith under the guidance of yamabushi priests in the mountains and monasteries of Japan. Any/all applicants MUST come through yamabushi ryu/shugenja kokusai bujutsu renmei in the first instance)



Nippon Kempo Imabari Kenyuukai

(Nippon Kempo. A competitive combat sport based upon traditional Japanese martial arts of Chinese/Okinawan Origin founded in 1932 in Japan by Muneumi Sawayama Sensei)


FESECAMA large international multi-style organisation based in italy with official recognition from the federal government of that country.



Kokusai Budoin Renmei. Japan