Calling all martial arts instructors! Any/all styles!

Why not learn a new skill and teach it at your club?

Special basic instructor certification courses now available in the following disciplines.

Jiu Jutsu.

The traditional unarmed combat art of the famous and much feared Japanese Samurai, jiu jitsu uses an eclectic mix of strikes, throws, locks, strangles and grappling. In modern times it has also served as the basis for a lot of the military close combat systems taught to commando-type forces

Instructor-candidates will initially be taught the basic techniques of this art so they can then  begin to offer jiu jutsu lessons in their existing club(s).


A weapon made famous by the late, great Bruce Lee, this Okinawan weapon actually started out as a humble farming implement that was eventually employed as a weapon to resist oppression when the Island was invaded by Japan in the early 17th century.

Instructor-candidates will learn both the kihon waza (basic techniques) and kata (pre-arranged form) so they can then start passing this knowledge on to there own students.

Personal Safety/Self Defence.

An important contemporary collection of knowledge and skills to aid ordinary person in modern society to stay safer and more secure. This course includes aspects of crime reduction and assertiveness training as well as easy to learn practical self protection techniques. Initial training will be generic in nature with the more advanced courses being tailored for, and relevant to, specific groups.

Instructor-candidates will be given all of the practical skills and underpinning knowledge to begin teaching personal safety and self defence both in their own clubs and elsewhere in the local community.


These short, intensive courses are made possible by the scientific application of modern teaching methods and through the instructor-candidates own prior learning qualifications and experience and the transferable skills they already possess.


These courses will help you to.

  1. Make your existing classes even more exciting and enjoyable
  2. Access more potential students by offering a wider variety of classes/skills
  3. Motivate and retain existing student base
  4. Attend any local, national or international SKBR courses
  5. Access to senior grades in various martial arts
  6. Boost your own qualifications and development

All courses will be taught and assessed by internationally recognised master teachers and backed up by an on-going support network, ready to offer help, advice and assistance as and when required. Course includes all teaching and assessments, instructor certificate and one years membership of the Shugenja Kokusai Bujutsu Renmei.


To be eligible for these courses the applicant must already possess the following.

  1. A black belt or equivalent awarded by a properly recognised martial arts organisation.
  2. An up to date CRB/DBS
  3. A valid first aid certificate
  4. Instructors insurance

Interested? Then contact us now either by messenger or via the contact form which you can find on this website.